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The best service we can provide is the reduction of downtime when a customer has a hydraulic failure

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Our Vision

Hydradoc Hydraulic Supplies strives to deliver the best service at a competitive price without compromise on quality, while always maintaining a high regard for ethics.

Our BEE Score

Hydradoc Hydraulic Supplies is an EME and therefore has a BEE recognition status of Level 4, or 100% under the procurement scorecard. According to The Codes of Good Practice in government gazette 29617, paragraph 4.2.

Growth through efficient, economical and ethical service delivery.

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Hydradoc Hydraulic Supplies is the leading hydraulic service provider in the Far East Rand, encompassing, Nigel, Heidelberg and Springs. Hydradoc Hydraulic Supplies was founded in 2000, as an authorised distributor of Aeroquip hose & fittings. Over the past 16 years, we has grown in both market share, and product range all with one goal, customer service.

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About Our Company

Hydradoc Hydraulic Supplies’ story has humble beginnings, that started in November 2000 with a workshop shared between Hydradoc Hydraulic Supplies and an automotive brake and clutch service centre. The infrastructure consisted of a crimper, a hose skiver, a pedestal vice about 6 rolls of hydraulic hose and less than 50 different part numbers between crimp fittings and adaptors.

Hydradoc Hydraulic Supplies was from the very beginning an authorised distributor for EATON Aeroquip products, and remains so today. It was truly a two man show, with Gordon often having to leave premises, to do site visits in order to measure up for hoses, while his wife Shirley was out doing the 140 km round trip to fetch stock orders from suppliers. By mid 2001 the brake & clutch business that shared the premises had ceased to trade, thus leaving us the sole tenant. The beginning of 2003 saw another member of the family, son Trevor join the team as well as an extra set of hands in the workshop Pieter Pelser.

In 2004 Hydradoc Hydraulic Supplies received a Top 10 marketing award from EATON Aeroquip, after some significant growth. Towards the end of 2005, Trevor left to pursue an opportunity with the technical department of EATON Aeroquip SA. 2009 saw Trevor return to Hydradoc from EATON Aeroquip SA, after working up from field service to inventory management.

Mid 2015 saw Hydradoc Hydraulic Supplies move to the larger adjacent building, as the layout was better suited for operations

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